New year, new CPR Monitor!

Introducing our new CPR Monitor, designed to work with our range of Jerry dog mannikins, that will measure the depth and rate of your compressions. This monitor is now included with all new orders* of Jerry, AA Jerry, CCJ and CeePeR. Or purchase this CPR Monitor separately at a very special introductory price of $50 (regular retail price is $75) from now till the end of Feb 2023.

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* New orders of Jerry, AA Jerry, CCJ and CeePeR beginning January 2023 will include the CPR Monitor. The CPR Monitor will not be included with past orders not yet shipped.

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About Rescue Critters

Rescue Critters® was established in 1998. The inspiration to develop alternatives came from the realization that live animals were being practiced on to teach pet first aid. This subsequently led to the development of animal training mannikins catered to the veterinary profession. From this simple beginning, Rescue Critters® expanded its product range to address the needs of the military and Search & Rescue groups. Today, the company also develops products for middle and high school students. Keeping our sight focused on the welfare of animals, our vision today is to become the leading provider of these alternative training solutions to veterinary and medical institutions. We hope to continue to work closely with different organizations in developing clever solutions to complement their teaching and training programs. We believe with innovation, Rescue Critters® can contribute immensely to how people learn, and reduce and replace the use of animals in training, while engendering a safe and humane environment for all. Thank you for your interest in Rescue Critters! Brand® animal training alternatives.