Set Up & Instructions

The K-9 IV Trainer set up and preparation is very simple:

1) Follow the manufacturer recommendations on preparing the simulated blood. We recommend mixing the simulated blood in a separate, sealable container and refrigerating the unused portion.

2) Remove all items from the case.

3) Attach the IV blood holder (purple tipped) to the IV Pole. Then place the pole into the IV Clamp. The clamp can then be attached to a table’s edge for use. The IV Holder will support two IV Reservoir bags during training.

4) Hang an IV Reservoir Bag onto the orange tipped IV Holder.

5) Attach the IV Reservoir bag tube to the K-9 Limb tube and clamp closed (the clamp is attached to the IV Reservoir bag tube).

6) Place K-9 limb on table, tube side down.

7) Fill IV Reservoir Bag with the premixed simulated training blood and seal by snapping the purple cap closed.

8) Release the clamp on the IV Bag Tube.

9) Unsnap fur covering on the K-9 limb to expose tubing. Insert needle in the tip of the loop and draw all the air from the tube. Once this is done the tubing is then “charged”.

10) Snap fur closed on K-9 limb. K-9 limb is now ready for training practice.

11) We recommend labeling the simulated training blood as “artificial training blood-DO NOT USE”.

The K-9 IV Trainer Self Sealing Tubing should be good for 12 to 20 punctures before needing to be replaced. Self Sealing Tubing replacements are available for purchase.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Once you have finished using the K-9 IV Trainer, clean up should be just as simple. We recommend that the clean up procedure be done over a sink or basin and that it be performed after each use or at the end of the day. The Simulated Blood should not be left in the tubes over night.

1) Using a pair of Hemostats (not provided) clamp off the tube that runs out of the K-9 IV Limb and connects to the K-9 IV Reservoir Bag.

2) Clamp off the K-9 IV Reservoir Bag Tube with the tube clamp (use the same clamp used in line 5 of the SETUP & INSTRUCTIONS section).

3) Disconnect the K-9 IV Bag Tube from the K-9 IV Limb Tube.

4) Drain all unused Simulated Blood into a container and rinse out the IV Reservoir Bag with water. Allow to air dry before storage and reuse.

5) Unclamp the K-9 IV Limb Tube and let all blood drain into a container and refrigerate.

6) Remove fur as carefully as possible. It is expected that some Simulated Blood will get on the fur. Completely remove fur from K-9 IV Limb (see line 8 for fur cleaning instructions).

7) Rinse K-9 IV Limb (without fur) in cold water. Make sure to rinse inside of tubing as well and let air dry completely before replacing fur.

8) To clean the K-9 IV Limb fur, first remove the fur completely.

9) If cleaning small sections of the fur simply rinse areas in cold water until blood has been removed, gently brush fur while it’s still wet, then allow to air dry completely.

10) If cleaning large areas or doing a general cleaning of the entire fur piece (we recommend this be done every once in a while especially if many hands will be handling the limb on a regular basis) thoroughly wet the fur with cold water and rinse out blood. If blood or other stains prove difficult to clean you can use a soft detergent.

11) When cleaning the IV K-9 fur it’s important to remember to always be gentle especially when working out tough stains. The more often the fur is washed the quicker it will deteriorate. A light brushing after washings will help cut down on fur matting.


If you’re having trouble with your K-9 IV Trainer here are some areas to double check:

1) Check all tubing for kinks, bends or blockage of any kind.

2) Make sure tubes are “bled” of all air prior to use.

3) Excessive leakage may be an indication that the reusable tube needs to be replaced.

Your K-9 IV Trainer should give you many years of service. In the event your unit fails as a result of workmanship, your unit comes with a limited warranty. spare parts are available from Rescue Critters. If you have any questions or require additional parts or repairs call Rescue Critters at 818-780-7860.