MOUNTED TABLE CLAMP Please observe the “C” clamp attached to the K-9 Intubation trainer. Use this clamp to attach the K-9 Intubation trainer to most surface edges.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Your K-9 Intubation trainer is carefully hand made and each unit is inspected before shipment. This mannikin has arrived in a condition ready for use. All Rescue Critters! products are hand crafted and will vary slightly in appearance.


Brush the fur gently before each use to avoid matting. Be aware that a certain amount of “shedding” will occur. This is normal. Brush just enough to work out any matted areas on the fur. Be careful when brushing the fur next to the mannikin’s eyes or the eyes will scratch if brushed.

Since many hands will be handling the K-9 Intubation trainer on a regular basis it is recommended that you periodically check for stains. For spot cleaning stains on the fur, simply lather the stained area with a small amount of soft soap or detergent and water. Using a sponge or cloth gently rub out the stain and rinse with cold water (be sure to completely rinse out soap). Brush gently while the fur is still wet and allow to air dry completely.


To change the balloon lung, simply pull off the balloon lung and replace.

Advice Corner

The following are some points to keep in mind:

1) The K-9 Intubation trainer is a training device and should never be used as a toy or by children for the purposes of play.

2) When carrying the K-9 Intubation trainer use the carrying case provided. If not using the proper case, hold the mannikin by the clamp.

3) Never handle the unit by the head, or ears. This will result in damage to the unit.

Your K-9 Intubation trainer mannikin should give you many years of service. In the event your unit fails as a result of workmanship, your unit comes with a 6 month limited warranty. Spare parts are available from Rescue Critters. If you have any questions or require additional parts or repairs call Rescue Critters at 818-780-7860.