Rescue Critters® was established in 1998. The inspiration came with the realization that there were no simulators available for teaching pet first aid. This idea subsequently led to the development of animal training mannikins catered to the veterinary profession.

From here, Rescue Critters’ product range expanded into addressing the needs of the military and Search & Rescue groups to ensure these animals are well taken care of with proper handler training.

Today, our vision is to become the leading provider of these alternative training solutions to veterinary and medical institutions that have been using live animals for practical training and research. We continue to work closely with the military and government agencies in creating products to address their changing requirements.

We believe that with creative innovation, Rescue Critters will be able to refine the educational/training realm, and reduce and replace animal usage to provide a safer and more humane environment for people and animals.

Thank you for your interest in Rescue Critters! Brand® animal training alternatives.