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Rescue Critters Pet First Aid for Kids Book


What would YOU do if your curious pup scored big rummaging through the garbage but then got sick? How would YOU help Fluffy if she was choking on a fur ball or got stung by a bee?


Veterinarians are the experts, but pet lovers can help their dog or cat when an injury or illness occurs, and reacting quickly can make a big difference in the pet's recovery. According to the American Animal Hospital Association, one out of four additional pets could be saved if one pet first aid technique was applied prior to getting veterinary care, and First Responders don't always have to be adults...kids too can play a vital role in saving their furry best friend when disaster strikes!


"Although children don't always listen to their parents, parents do listen to their kids," says Animal Care Instructor Denise Fleck on why she collaborated with Rescue Critters® on their new book Pet First Aid for Kids. "By instilling in the younger generation a passion for animals, it is my hope they will inspire their parents to learn along with them."


The book outlines basic steps, along with detailed photographs, and materials needed BEFORE you get your pet to the Veterinarian -- how to handle choking, what to do for a bee sting, how to administer rescue breathing and CPR. "With an emphasis on safety first, it is a quick reference to teach kids, age 8 and older, what to do should their dog or cat need help," explains co-Author Sandrina Lee. "Hopefully it will bring families together learning to care for their four-legged members."


"I learned a lot from reading this book and now know what to do in an emergency with my pets and also how to keep them safe at home," says 7th grader Lyndsey Scoper, while 9th grader Alexis Yannuzzi explains, "It's stressful worrying about your pets. I have 3 dogs and a cat, but I no longer have to worry. I recommend that pet owners of all ages keep this book on hand. I know I will!"


Veterinarian Harriet Howe comments, "I found Pet First Aid for Kids accurate and easy to follow. It's a great book for kids and young adults...I know I would have found it intriguing at that age," and that is just what the authors are hoping all readers will discover as well since pets too are part of the family and sometimes need a helping hand.


Get your copy here.